Japanese Maples
Maple Leaf


A is for ‘acer’ which is Latin for maple.
d is for ‘dissectum’, the lace leaf or cut leaf form.
p is for ‘palmatum’, one of the several species of Japanese Maple. It has the greatest number of cultivars.
j is for japonicum, another species of Japanese Maple.

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USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

A. j. 'Aconitifolium'
UPRIGHT  •  12'-15'  •  ZONE 5–8  •  SUN-PART SHADE
Often called the 'Dancing Peacock', this tree borrows not only the name but also the form and colors of this garish bird. Heavy, feathery lobes arrange themselves into fan-like leaves that fully mock the bird's wide-spread tail. In spring and summer they don a mesmerizing deep green; in fall swirling reds, oranges, golds and purples emerge for an alluring display. It is one of our personal favorites. 5 to 10 gal for pick up at the nursery: $110.00 - $295.00

A. j. 'Aconitifolium' seedlings
UPRIGHT  •  unknown  •  5-8  • 
These vigorous Acer japonicums are seed grown from Acer j Aconitifolium. They vary in leaf and form to make an interesting study of what and why we graft to get a desired set of characteristics. This is not to say these trees are unattractive; quite the contrary is true! All are green and have that fantastic brilliant fall color associated with all A japonicum cultivars. LC@ $65.00 - $75.00

A. j. 'Ao juntan'
MOUNDING  •  3-5'  •  5-8  •  FULL SUN TO PART SHADE
This is an new and rare japonicum cultivar. The large leaves are typically green; they are similar to those of Green Cascade but more open and with longer lobes so the look is strong but airy. Fall color is gold and burned orange. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 & $85.00

A. j. 'Emmett's Pumpkin'
Leaves are large and deeply divided; they leaf out with a wash of orange-red before turning a rich green in summer. Fall color is in harmony with the season reaching its rich pumpkin orange just in time for trick or treating! # 2 $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $65.00

A. j. 'Green Cascade'
MOUNDING  •  4'-5'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Weeping, twice-divided leaves look lacy, luxurious and distinctly bold. The spreading, somewhat pendulous form is unusual for a japonicum but you can still rely on the characteristic large leaves and rainbow of brilliant fall color. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 to 95.00; 5-10 gal for pick up at the nursery $110.00 - $255.00

A. j. 'Meigetsu Itaya'
UPRIGHT  •  18-22'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
The enormous, slightly cupped leaf of this cultivar remains dark green for most of its life, but, in fall, the sturdy hold of the petiole (leaf stem) keeps the leaves, now bedecked in reds and yellows, attached to the tree, and thus a bright spot in the growing gloom of the fall landscape. It is one of the more vigorous cultivars and may eventually reach 45 feet in height. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 - $115.00; larger sizes available @ $95.00 - $125.00

A. j. 'O isami'
UPRIGHT  •  12-15'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
Fat, round, green leaves unfurl in the spring while large magenta flowers hang amoung them in weitghty clusters. This is a vigoruos grower with an open habit at maturity. Fall's cosmetics comprise spectacular blends of red, yellow, orange and residual green. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 - $95.00; larger size available @ $95.00 - $110.00

A. j. 'Ruby'
UPRIGHT  •  15 - 20'  •  5-8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
Leaves are green mixed with red like a fabric woven with green thread for the warp and red for the weft; the red is stronger at the edges. Fall lays claim to the whole hot end of the color spectrum. Tree is upright with a spreading canopy similar to Aconitifolium. #2 @$50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $65.00- $75.00

A. j. 'Vitifolium'
UPRIGHT  •  20-25  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Heavy branches; fat buds; large, colorful pink and mauve flower clusters; a wide spreading habit, and enormous leaves convey a sense of substance and strength. Fall colors are unbeatable! 5-7 gal $175.00-$225.00

A. j. 'Yama kagi'
UPRIGHT  •  16-20'  •  5-8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
A vigorous japonica with huge green leaves, Yama kagi stands up well to harsh sun and grows into a large tree that is as wide as tall so ultimately round like the leaves. Fall colors are multiple and brilliant. A truly special tree. #2 @ $50.00; 3 gal. @ $75.00- $85.00

A. p. 'Akaji nishiki'
UPRIGHT  •  10 - 12'  •  5-8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
An initial show of bright pink is followed by green garnished with a summer mix of pinks. In the fall this fickle beauty dons orange and red. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00-$95.00

A. p. 'Akegarasu
UPRIGHT  •  12 - 15'  •  5-8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
Vigorous upright tree that leafs out bright red then changes to green with red leaf stems and a pale wash of red. Colors are brightest with some direct sun. The leaves are large and rounded but lobes are deeply divided. The mature tree has good architecture and an oval form. 2.5-3 gal @ $85.00

A. p. 'Alpenweiss'
UPRIGHT  •  7-10'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Green leaves pucker slightly and are ribboned in snowy white that is brushed with pink in spring. Variegation is similar to but more intense than 'Higisa yama'. Tend to revert. Mature trees form broad, open vases. Larger available @ $75.00 & $80.00

A. p. 'Beni gasa'
UPRIGHT  •  8-12'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Deeply divided leaves emerge a glistening rose then deepen to a true red. By late summer green has asserted itself but fall brings back the red. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 & $85.00.

A. p. 'Beni maiko'
UPRIGHT  •  6'-7'  •  ZONE 6-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
Beni maiko brashly breaks winters dormancy in knock-out reddish pink. Small palmate leaves dance an exuberent jig on spring breezes, earning this cultivar the name "red haired dancing girl". She changes costume to apple-green with red accents for summer and again to a mix of reds and soft oranges for fall. She thrives in sun or shade, in the border, yard or container. #2@ $50.00; 10" sizes available @ $65.00 & $95.00; 5 - 10 gal containers for pick up here @ $95.00- $185.00

A. p. 'Beni otake'
UPRIGHT  •  6'-7'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Otherwise known as 'Big Red Bamboo', this tree is treasured for its deep red, strap leaves. Spectacular spring color holds through summer and turns crimson-orange in fall. This is a vigorous tree providing good texture variation and rich color. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00- $95.00; 7 gal for pick up here @ $110.00 - $175.00

A. p. 'Beni shichihenge'
UPRIGHT  •  7-9'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
Vibrant pink edges highlight multi-shaped, lime-green leaves. The pink holds well, fading slightly to cream by late summer. Fall reds are distinctly two toned. This variegated, finely branched shrub is best where it can be admired up close. Many consider it not only more colorful but also hardier than the similar selection, 'Butterfly'. 2.5 - $3 gal @ $75.00 - $95.00

A. p. 'Bihou'
UPRIGHT  •  6' - 9'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Exciting cultivar from Japan! Tree has bright yellow branches in the winter and yellow leaves in fall. Spring and summer color is green. This is a small tree with small leaves and upright habit so it makes a great four season choice for a small space or to add structure to a large perennial bed. #2 @ $55.00; 2.5-3 gal @$65.00-$75.00

A. p. 'Bloodgood'
UPRIGHT  •  20' - 25'  •  ZONE 5 – 8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Large red palmate leaves hold their color well into summer before greening up in August. 'Bloodgood' is the best known of the many available Japanese maples. This is dependable, graceful, and vigorous. Its carmine red samaras (seed pods) add a striking contrast to the deep bronze-red of late summer leaves. Fall color is scarlet.2.5-3gal @ $55.00-$95.00; 5-10 gal for pick up at the nursery $125.00 - $275.00

A. p. 'Bonfire'
UPRIGHT  •  7' - 10'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
Unfolding a rich, brilliant pink, small leaves attract great admiration; in summer they turn green only to show off in red again for fall. It is a vigorous grower with small, delicate branches. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00; 5-10 gal @ $110.00-$195.00

A. p. 'Burgundy Lace'
UPRIGHT  •  16-18  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
The deep wine-colored leaves of this elegant, lacy beauty are almost dissected and are deeply serrated. Branches are strong and upright. With age it will develop a wide, spreading crown. 2.5-3 gal @$75.00

A. p. 'Burgundy Lime Lace'
UPRIGHT  •  8-12'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
This new introduction is similar to 'Burgundy Lace' but the foliage turns green sooner in summer and the fall colors are a rainbow mix of red green and gold. 2.5-3 gal @$75.00

A. p. 'Butterfly'
UPRIGHT  •  7'-10'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
Flirting with the breeze like gossamer wings, the irregular leaves of this cultivar cavort happily bedecked in mint green with cream borders and a tinge of pink in spring. Fall sets off a metamorphosis to rose and magenta. Growth is twiggy and dense; pruning will open the tree up if you prefer. 2.5-3gal @ $75.00-95.00

A. p. 'Corallinum'
UPRIGHT  •  7'-8'  •  ZONE 6-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
In spring, small leaves erupt in a pink color somewhere between maraschino cherries and cocktail shrimp. Summer's green is often speckled with bits of the pink. The transition reaches each leaf at a different moment so that, in mid season, a thoroughly green leaf and a stubbornly pink one can sit side by side. The mottled result is evocative, as is the name, of a sea's coral reef. 2.5-3gal @ $75.00-$85.00

A. p. 'Crimson Carole'
UPRIGHT  •  9-12'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
This red, upright tree has deeply divided and distinctly serrated leaves. These leaves look like a feather fan that has been spread wide open. Fall color is a rich red. I think this is quite a beautiful selection. #2 @ 50.00; 2.5-3 gal. @ $65.00 - $95.00; larger @$ 95.00-$175.00

A. p. 'Crimson Prince'
UPRIGHT  •  15-18'  •  5-8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
This Prince among trees is similar to Bloodgood but maintains its color longer into the summer. It is a vigorous grower that leafs out bright red, turns to a deeper red and then becomes scarlet in fall. 2.5-3 gal. @ $95.00; larger @ $150.00

A. p. 'Crumple Leaf'
UPRIGHT  •  10-15'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
Maybe an angry giant grabs all these coarse red leaves just as they emerge and scrunches them in his fist, then somebody comes on behind and tries with only partial success to press them out flat again. The color is a rich, deep red that bronzes out in summer and turns amber and red in the fall. #2 @$50.00; 2.5-3 gal. @ $75.00 - $85.00

A. p. 'Dr. Seuss'
UPRIGHT  •  5-8'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
This is a fun, new, cream and green variegated tree with fanciful leaves of unusual, almost frilled, shapes. Mature form has a small, upright stature that is broader than tall. larger specimens available #2 @ $45.00; @ $70.00 & $80.00.

A. p. 'Dragon Tears'
UPRIGHT  •  5-8'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
This is a heavy weeper that requires staking. It is characterized by the unique combination of leaves that are not dissected, its red color and it's weeping habit. There is a registered trade mark on this plant do home propagation is a no no. 2.5-3gal @ $75.00-$95.00; 5-7 gal for nursery pick up: $110.00-$145.00

A. p. 'Ezo nishiki'
UPRIGHT  •  15-18  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
Large leaves display glorious colors through out the year. The reds are brighter and a touch of orange is stirred into fall's scarlet. This is a vigorous, sturdy, upright tree with good branching. It grows taller than wide and is a personal favorite. #2 @ 50.00; 10" container specimens available @ $75.00 & $95.00; 5-10 gal for pick up at the nursery $125.00 - $250.00

A. p. 'Fireglow'
UPRIGHT  •  10-12'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
This selection retains red all season while the actual tones of red do change. Spring leaves emerge in an array of bright rose colors then darken. Backlit in summer, the leaves flicker like campfire flames on a breezy evening. Fall brings on scarlet. Summer heat does not tend to burn 'Fireglow". It is an excellent choice for an upright red that does not get overly tall. 3 gal at $65.00-$95.00; 5 - 7 gal for pick up at the nursery @ $125.00 - $185.00

A. p. 'Green Fingers'
UPRIGHT  •  5-6'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
On young wood this tree has green leaves that are deeply divided, similar to 'Omurayama'; it also has spring leaves that look like cheerleader's pompoms, great for a St Patrick's Day party. Fall colors are yellow and tangerine. This is a vigorous grower. 2.5-3 gal @ $95.00; larger for pick up at nursery @$ 110.00 - $150.00

A. p. 'Hikasa yama'
UPRIGHT  •  16-20'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  FULL SUN TO PART SHADE
In early spring unfurling yellow leaves explode from long crimson red bud sheaths. Each mature leaf looks as if stitched and lightly gathered to create light puckered bands of cream, green and pink. The variegation is quite wonderfully showy but does not appear on branches of the new season's growth. This plant is showy and vigorous. 2.5-3 gal @ $85.00 - $95.00; 5-10 gal for pick up at the nursery: @ $125.00 - $225.00

A. p. 'Hogyoku'
UPRIGHT  •  15-18'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  FULL SUN TO PART SHADE
Hailing fall with seasonal spirit, Hogyoku turns from summer's deep green to pumpkin orange with umber accents. The leaves are thicker than those of most palmatums. Growth habit is strong, tall and wide, not twiggy. 7-10 gal @ $175.00

A. p. 'Hohman's Variegated'
UPRIGHT  •  8-10'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
A. p. ‘Hohmans Variegated’ Palmate leaves are variegated in pink, green and white. Fall colors are mostly reds and oranges. Plant grows slowly upright.3 gal @$75.00 - $85.00

A. p. 'Hoshi kuzu'
UPRIGHT DWARF  •  3-5'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
A. p. ‘Hoshi kuzu’ Slender, long lobed leaves resemble spidery starfish. Variegation is in spots and stripes of cream and the irregularity creates rippling. Fall color is orange. 3 gal @ $75.00 - $85.00

A. p. 'Hupps Dwarf'
DWARF  •  2-3'  •  6-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Tiny leaves are so tightly packed they do not dance in a breeze; their leaves have long and twisted lobes. New growth is flushed with pink that fades to green. Fall brings gold, orange and some red. Is a slow grower and heat tolerant. 3 gal @ $75.00 - $85.00

A. p. 'Iijima sunago'
UPRIGHT  •  15'-18'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Large, almost floppy, leaves are deeply divided and red with a yellow-green vein down the middle of each lobe. Fall colors start out yellow but soon add a mix of reds and oranges. The crown is oval on heavy upright architecture. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 - $95.00; 5-7 gal for pick up at the nursery: $95.00- $110.00

A. p. 'Illini Sunrise'
UPRIGHT  •  8-12'  •  5-8  • 
Illini Sunrise rises like the sun with colors of yellow, orange and red in spring. Bronzes in summer. 1 gal @$45.00. image coming

A. p. 'Inazuma'
UPRIGHT  •  25' - 30'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
Rolling thunderstorms come to mind when one lies under this tree. Its white veined, black red leaves simulate a dark sky streaked with lightening. It is fast growing and has an upright form with mature branches that bend downward at the tips. The leaves are deeply divided adding an air of lightness. 2.5-3gal @$75.00 & $95.00; 5-10 gal for pick up at the nursery: $150.00 - $195.00

A. p. 'Katsura'
UPRIGHT  •  8-12'  •  5-8  •  PART SUN – PART SHADE
Makes a brilliant display in early spring, pushing aside winter blues with warm welcome golds. Gradually green enters and then dominates though never entirely overwhelming the gold. Fall brings reds, oranges and more gold. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 to 95.00; 5-10 gal for pick up at the nursery: $125.00-$225.00

A. p. 'Killarney'
BROAD UPRIGHT  •  12-16'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
This is a small, broad tree at maturity. The ends of the branches become somewhat pendulous. Fall color is a riot of red, orange and gold. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 - $85.00; 7-10 gal @$175.00

A. p. 'Kinran'
UPRIGHT  •  9'-12'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PT. SHADE
The leaves of this cultivar change seasonally from bronzed red to dark green washed in red and, finally, to rich gold. The changes are dramatic and during periods of transition the tree is covered with innumerable patches of color. These patches are, as the name tells us, "woven with threads of gold" into an old-fashioned crazy quilt with color overlaping color and pattern impossible to detect. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 to 95.00; 5-10 gal for pick up at the nursery: @ $115.00 - $250.00

A. p. 'Kokyo
UPRIGHT  •  7' - 10'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PT. SHADE
The smooth leaves are bright green, first washed in pink, then rimmed in pink and later all light green. They are set off handsomely by red stems. 7 to 10 gal for pick up at the nursery $125.00 - $250.00

A. p. 'Koshibori nishiki'
UPRIGHT  •  7-9'  •  5-8  •  PART SUN – PART SHADE
Variegated leaves are small and palmate; they emerge suffused with gold and yellow, sand dusted or fu variegation, then turn green with white spaces scattered through out and before falling return to orange and gold in fall. Mature form is a vertical oval.; #2 @ 50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 - $85.00

A. p. 'Koshimino'
UPRIGHT  •  12-18'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PT. SHADE
Odd, irregular leaves look as if the lobes were pulled apart then stitched back into a cluster. They are green in spring and summer and then red and orange in fall (photos shown are both from fall). #2 @ $50.00; #2 @ $85.00

A. p. 'Koto no ito'
UPRIGHT  •  7' - 9'  •  ZONE 5 – 8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
The leaves of this enchanting tree are comprised of threads of fresh green suspended in the air around the branches. A peaceful, refreshing calm overcomes anyone in its soft, hushed presence. In autumn, bright green young branches contrast fall hues of yellow, orange and red. Although usually planted as a specimen, it is striking in a group or in a patio container. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00- 110.00; 5-10 gal for pick up at the nursery: $115.00-$250.00

A. p. 'Mama Fu'
UPRIGHT  •  10-12'  •  5-8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
Showy variation and small frilly leaves make 'Mama Fu' a stand out selection. Spring starts things with lots of pink variegation mixed with white and minty green. Summer lets pink diminish and cream come on stronger. Fall Mama fu dresses in reds and oranges. Tree is upright, full and somewhat twiggy. 2.5-3 gal. @ $75.00

A. p. 'Mama'
UPRIGHT  •  8'-12'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Old ‘Mama’ maple has so many leaf forms she does what she can and it works. Her unique texture stands out. Summer color is green; fall is golden orange. 2.5-3 gal @$85.00; 5-7 gal for pick up at the nursery @ $95.00

A. p. 'Manyo no Sato'
UPRIGHT  •  6-8  •  5-9  •  PART SUN – PART SHADE
The variation is unusual; the colors include chartreuse veins and patches on the leaves with other patches that are sometimes magenta, sometimes burgundy and sometimes maroon. Leaf lobes are elongated and somewhat irregular. #2 1gal @ $50.00

A. p. 'Moonfire'
UPRIGHT  •  10 - 12'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
The color of 'Moonfire' is the deepest of purple reds and it lasts throughout the summer. The mature form is quite elegant, nicely rounded with evenly balanced, sturdy branches. Fall color is bright red. 5-7 gal available for pick up at the nursery: $125.00 -$175.00

A. p. 'Nicholsonii'
UPRIGHT  •  9-12'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Large, deeply divided, long lobed leaves start out yellow-green, rimmed in soft red, then pure green for summer. Fall color is the very brightest imaginable red. Branches are open and spreding so it will grow wider than tall. #2 @ 50.00; 2.5-3 gal @$75.00 - $85.00; 5-7 gal @$150.00

A. p. 'Nishiki momiji'
UPRIGHT  •  10' - 12'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PT. SHADE
Spring brings leaves with pink and orange tones, colors that recede slowly to the margins then disappear as bright yellow-greens take over. The leaves have long, finely toothed lobes and turn an outrageous red in the fall. This cultivar is in a standout-specimen category with its colors, textures and its oval, upright form! 2.5-3 gal @$75.00-85.00; 5-7 gal available for pick up at the nursery: $175-$250.00

A. p. 'Nuresagi'
UPRIGHT  •  12'-15'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PT. SHADE
Translate 'Nuresagi' and you get 'Wet Heron', though definitely better than 'Wet Dog', not what I personally associate with something as beautiful as this tree. The large leaves of dark purple are deeply divided and the lobes spread out. The young branches also have some purple color. Scarlet dominates in fall. 5-10 geo. @$115.00 - $185.00

A. p. 'Ogon sarasa'
UPRIGHT  •  12-18'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
For those who love the drama of the ever-changing nature of some maples, this is a great selection. Early spring brings bright reds with green veins, summer paints with various greens and fall turns leaves an oranges and red mix. This is a vigorous, round tree that will provide some shade when it matures. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 - $95.00

A. p. 'Okushimo'
UPRIGHT  •  15'-18'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
The foliage of Okushimo is unusual. Each lobe on every leaf rolls in and upward toward the center forming sharply pointed ends that thrust abruptly into space. Equally outstanding is its fall color which reaches a feverish degree of yellow so intense it seems like a fire against a dark evening sky. The branches are angled upright so the tree has an unusually narrow profile making it wonderfully suited for small, difficult to fill spaces. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @$95.00; 5-10 gal containers available for pick up at the nursery: @ $125.00- $195.00

A. p. 'Omato'
UPRIGHT  •  18-22'  •  5-8  •  SUN – PART SHADE
A subtle golden-rose wash pervades the round, spring leaves and when it goes a bright green appears and lasts all summer, showing little pain from long exposure to the sun. In fall the leaves become the red of spring time cardinals. Mature trees are very fat and round like the leaves. 2.5-3 gal @$85.00

A. p. 'Oridono nishiki'
UPRIGHT  •  15' - 18'  •  ZONE 5 – 8  •  SUN – PART SHADE
Splashed with pink and white on both stems and leaves, this tree makes an excellent choice for an upright, variegated tree. Fall reveals a multitude of reds and pinks. It gets to be a tall tree and requires a little pruning. Part shade protects the pink and white from burning while some direct sun enhances the coloration. Too much fertilizer diminishes the variegation. 2.5-3 gal containers @ $75.00 to $110.00; 5-10 gal for pick up at the nursery: $115.00 - $250.00

A. p. 'Osakazuki'
UPRIGHT  •  15' - 18'  •  ZONE 5 – 8  •  SUN – PART SHADE
Burning pure red leaves on this cultivar have illuminated the late season hills of Japan for centuries and none have matched it yet. Chosen not only for its brilliant fall color, but also for its huge, mossy-green, summer leaves, its good form, strong branches and toughness. 5-10 gal for pick up ay the nursery: $175.00 - $250.00

A. p. 'Otome zakura'
UPRIGHT  •  5-8'  •  5-8  •  SUN – PART SHADE
An unusual dwarf with two distinct types of leaves on long petioles and bright colors of red and pink in spring, green accented with red in summer and pink mixed with scarlet for fall. This is a fine, small tree which works well in a perennial border or grouped with other, larger trees. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 & 85.00

A. p. 'Peve Dave'
UPRIGHT  •  8-10'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
NEW plant for us this year. Leaves have long, lobes that twist and undulate while being somewhat reminiscent of webed feet. This is a red tree. #2 @ $55.00

A. p. 'Pixie'
UPRIGHT DWARF  •  4'-5'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
As the weeks pass, the bright pink-red of spring leaves darkens to a deep rich burgundy. The underside of the leaves, visible when the wind rustles through them, is a contrasting green-bronze. This fat, round, dwarf bears deeply divided and serrated leaves that angle slightly backward. Fall color is crimson. #2@ $50.00

A. p. 'Pung kil'
UPRIGHT  •  7-10'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Introduced from Korea. Red upright with extra long lobed, strappy leaves; maintains its color well into the summer and turns scarlett for fall. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3gal. @$85.00

A. p. 'Purple Ghost'
UPRIGHT  •  10-15'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
Swirls of deep purple and wine red permeate the ruffled leaves of this mysterious beauty. Fall brings out a fierce red. Growth is upright and slightly open. #2 @$50.00; 2.5-3 gal @$85.00; 5-10 gal containers available for pick up at the nursery: $110.00 - $185.00

A. p. 'Rainbow'
UPRIGHT  •  7-10'  •  5-8  •  pART SUN – PART SHADE
This is an exciting and showy tree with hues of pink and red that are always shifting subtly till quite different. The variation is inconsistent and the leaves often revert so it is necessary to prune out the reverted branches. 1 gal @ $45.00 and 3 gal @ $65.00

A. p. 'Red Cloud'
UPRIGHT  •  12'-15'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Linear leaves rain down from a billowing, rounded crown of deep, end-of-sunset red. This selection is both fuller and wider spreading than other red linearlobums. 2.5-3 gal @ $95.00; 5-10 gal containers available for pick up at the nursery:$125.00- $185.00

A. p. 'Red Emperor'
UPRIGHT  •  20-25  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
Similar to 'Bloodgood', this tree excels in red color retention, cold hardiness and vigor. Grows to a wide crowned specimen. Because it leafs out two weeks later than other cultivars it is being grown with success in zone 4. 2.5-3 gal @$75.00-$95.00; 5-7 gal containers available for pick up at the nursery: $110.00 - $185.00

A. p. 'Red Pygmy'
UPRIGHT  •  6' - 7'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
Standing out against the background in summer and fall this unique cultivar is a rich addition to your landscape. The red leaves have long, narrow, strap-like lobes. Unlike other red leafed maples, this one turns a rich gold in the fall. 2.5-3 gal @ $85.00 -$95.00

A. p. 'Rugose'
UPRIGHT  •  6'-8'  •  5-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
Very unusual leaves have rough, almost blistery surface; they are olive green with red veins and stems most of the year then they turn an unusual bright wine red in fall. Nothing about this plant is quite normal, sort of like some people we all know. Leaves, lobes and stems twist and contort slightly but still apparently. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @$75.00 -$85.00

A. p. 'Ryumon nishiki'
Emergent growth is red and pink then leaves are irregularly variegated with patches of white and yellow on green. As summer comes on the variegation fades. Growth habit of this rare cultivar is dense and twiggy. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 - $85.00

A. p. 'Saku'
UPRIGHT  •  7-10'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Purple rimmed leaves of spring give way to glossy green in summer and burnt amber and orange in fall. Matures to a small upright tree with tiered branches. 5-10 gal available for pick up at the nursery: @ $175.00 - $225.00

A. p. 'Sensu'
UPRIGHT  •  6-9  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
This beautiful cultivar is a cross between A. palmatum and A. shirasawanum. Large, deeply divided leaves spread out in pink, green, then in fall, outrageous orange fans. With age a broad upright form develops. 5-7 gal sizes @ $115.00 - $175.00

A. p. 'Shigitatsu sawa'
UPRIGHT  •  8'-12'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  PT SUN/PT SHADE
In spring, the leaves open a cool, yellow green, intricately laced by dark green veins. As the warmer months arrive both the leaves and the interlacing veins darken. The variegation holds its color well as long as it is protected from the hottest sun. In autumn, when green washes over reddened leaves this cultivar's autumn rouge becomes unique among the many reds of fall. 5-10 gal @$175.00

A. p. 'Shin chishio'
UPRIGHT  •  12-14'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  FULL SUN TO PART SHADE
Was called 'Shishio Improved or Chishio Improved'. Stunning pink in spring, emerald green in summer and flame red in fall, this small leafed tree is a highly desirable choice. It grows wider than tall with leaves that are palmate and profuse. You can leave it as a mass of brilliant color or prune it to show its interior architecture. 2.5-3 gal @ $65.00 to $95.00; 5-7 gal for pick up at the nursery: @ $145.00 - $175.00

A. p. 'Shira Red'
UPRIGHT  •  7-12'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
The deeply divided and dramatically serrated, the leaves are bright red with a hint of orange in spring; green seeps in during the summer. 2.5-3gal @ $75.00 - $85.00

A. p. 'Shishigashira'
UPRIGHT  •  10' - 12'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
Looking very much like bottle brushes, the branches of this unusual tree (also known as 'Lion Head Maple') are tightly packed with curly, crinkled leaves on short petioles (stems). In our area it keeps it's green color and its leaves longer into fall than most then bursts into vibrant yellow, orange and deep red. #2 @ $45.00; 2.5-3 gal. @ $65.00 to 95.00; 5-10 gal are available for pick up at the nursery: $115.00 - $225.00

A. p. 'Shojo nomura'
UPRIGHT  •  12' - 15'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
This tree bears rounded, burgundy-red leaves on strong open branches. Red turns bronze-green by late summer, then scarlet for fall. At maturity the ends of the branches tend to cascade. Shojo nomura is similar to 'Bloodgood' but stays much smaller.2.5-3 gal. @ $85.00 to $110.00; 5-10 gal available for pick up at the nursery $150.00 - $225.00

A. p. 'Sister Ghost'
UPRIGHT  •  4-6'  •  6-8  •  PART SUN – PART SHADE
This hauntingly beautiful ghost should inhabit the partially shady nooks of you garden. The leaves are reticulated white and green, sometimes more white, others more green, depending on the season and the light. In spring they also have a wash of pink and in fall the colors are very bright orange, yellow and red. It will burn in full sun. 1 gal @$50.00;

A. p. 'Suminigashi'
UPRIGHT  •  12' - 15'  •  ZONE 5 – 8  •  SUN – PART SHADE
Reaching up and out, the branches form a vigorous, finely shaped tree. Deeply divided and deeply colored in a long lasting red, the large leaves add a beautiful contrast of color and texture to other specimens in your garden. Maroon turns crimson in autumn. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5- 3 gal @ $75.00 to 95.00; 5-10 gal containers available for pick up at the nursery: @ $110.00 - $225.00

A. p. 'Tiny Leaf'
UPRIGHT  •  3-4'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
This rare cultivar has (need I say it?) very small green leaves with long center lobes, an upright form and fine branches. Fall colors are gold then orange. Works well in containers, for bonsai, or in a border. 2.5-3 gal @ $85.00- $95.00

A. p. 'Trompenburg'
UPRIGHT  •  18-24'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Glossy burgundy leaves are deeply divided and the edges of each lobe roll downward, softening the overall look of the tree. It grows into a magnificent specimen, lofty and captivating. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 - $95.00

A. p. 'Tsukasa Silhoutte'
UPRIGHT  •  15-18'  •  5-8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
A great addition to the myriad palmatums on the market, this one has a unique narrow form adding dramatic interest where height is needed and is useful when horizontal space is limited. Rich green dominates in summer while bright red takes over in fall. # 2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @$85.00; 5-7 gal @ $155.00

A. p. 'Tsuri nishiki'
UPRIGHT  •  9-12'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Soft green leaves have long slender lobes that spread out and twist slightly. The serrations along the edges are almost like short bristles. Fall colors include the entire warm end of the rainbow. 2.5 - 3 gal. @ $75.00- $95.00; 5-10 gal available for pick up at the nursery

A. p. 'Ueno yama'
UPRIGHT  •  9'-12'  •  ZONE 6-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
In spring, a flame of yellow-orange erupts amid the desolate winter landscape. The five-lobed leaves are the first to arrive in spring and the show proves worth the wait. In summer green gradually washes away the orange til it is only a hint; flame reclaims these branches in fall. 3gal @ $95.00; 5-10 gal @$110.00-225.00

A. p. 'Villa taranto'
UPRIGHT  •  7'-9'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
This dome shaped plant is composed of long thin lobed leaves. At first arrival, they are an orange enriched with bright red. Provided the leaves are exposed to color enhancing sunlight, an interesting and attractive mix of hues decorates the plant in the following months. The leaves turn green, as many maples do, but these look as though they are constantly under a red spotlight; they are inarguably green, but washed in a rosy overtone. In spring this tree may look like a Monet haystack with its domed shape, its long thin leaves sticking out from the sides and the whole thing aglow in the pink of an Impressionist sunset. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @$85.00-$95.00; 5-7 gal are available for pick up at the nursery:$125.00 - $195.00

A. p. 'Wabito'
UPRIGHT  •  10'-12'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Odd, very bright green leaves may be smooth, fat, slender, serrated, twisted, short, long and flat all at once. They literally dance all over upright, spreading branches. In fall they change to scarlet. 2.5-3 gal @ $85.00 to 95.00

A. p. 'Wou nishiki'
UPRIGHT  •  10'-12'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
The exotic curve, shine, and color of these deeply serrated leaves recall tropical birds or Majorcan porcelain. In spring, bright light green leaves are edged in pinks and ruddy reds that seep into the green. By summer the red is gone, but it returns with a crimson vengeance in fall. Due to its fastigate ( branches grow upwards) form, this tree maintains its narrow upright form even in maturity. 2.5-3 gal. @ $75.00 to 95.00; 5-10 gal @ $110.00-195.00

A. p. d. 'Autumn Fire'
MOUNDING  •  4-7'  •  zONE 5-8  •  sUN TO PART SHADE
This great green dissectum grows quickly into a high mound. A blush of red flushes on new growth and looks especially fine in full sun. It has a super red fall color.2.5-3 gal containers @ $95.00

A. p. d. 'Bewley's Red'
MOUNDING  •  3'-5'  •  5-8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
The red leaves on this dissectum are fine and keep their color well; fall color is also red. The form of this cultivar is supposed to be more upright than other dissectums but so far I have not seen this. 2.5-3 gal containers @$75.00 - $95.00

A. p. d. 'Chantilly Lace'
Mounding  •  5-7'  •  5-8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
A fabulously beautiful dissectum, Chantilly Lace displays unique and desirable colors. Apricot orange in spring, bright green in summer and scarlet red in fall always stand out in the garden. 1 gal @$50.00; 3 gal @ $65.00

A. p. d. 'Garnet'
MOUNDING  •  10' - 12'  •  ZONE 5 – 8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
This glittering tree matches the color of the gemstone after which it is named. It has a taller stature than other mounding trees and a brighter color than many other red dissectums. The best color and form is realized when grown in full sun. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 - $95.00

A. p. d. 'Inaba shidare'
MOUNDING  •  5' - 7'  •  ZONE 5 – 8  •  SUN – PART SHADE
This graceful beauty keeps its elegant dissected leaves in purpley red late into the summer. However, its absolutely exquisite form is its most outstanding feature. Without hardly attention, the tree grows into a sweeping, swirling, floating sculpture. The lacey leaves are a dark veil shading the equally beautiful lacey pattern of the branches. The form is so lovely it is hard to believe the branches are not purely aesthetic but serve a functional purpose as well. The leaves glow carmine in autumn. Left to its own devices, the tree will grow wider than tall. Stake it while young for height. Left to its spreading nature, it cascades over a wall or bank or fills a wide space. 2.5-3 gal @ $65.00 - 75.00; 5-10 gal @ $150-275.00

A. p. d. 'Lemon Lime Lace'
MOUNDING  •  4-7'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
The name derrives from the fact that the leaves are of two greens, one with more yellow than the other. Fall color is orange. 2.5-3 gal @ $85.00; 5-10 gal. @$150.00-175.00

A. p. d. 'Orangeola'
MOUNDING  •  4'- 5'  •  ZONE 5 – 8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Twining branches decked in feathery orange catch the eye and win the heart. Glowing orange turns green by midsummer when new growth adds a feastive splash of orange-red. Fall colors are red and yellow. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $65.00 to $95.00; 7-10 gal @$150-275.00

A. p. d. 'Ornatum'
MOUNDING  •  6' - 8'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
An old cultivar, it is considered the best of a group of dissectums that leaf out red and turn green fairly soon. Besides conforming to the ideal image of the round-domed, spreading form, it turns a distinct, electric shade of orange in fall. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00-$95.00

A. p. d. 'Red Dragon'
Both the steely scales and the fiery breath of the dragon stain the leaves of this cultivar. Summer's deep burgundy, a red darkened as fortified steel, is the hue of our dragon's armor which is strong and resistant to the onslaught of summer. Sring's crimson and fall's scarlet of fall glow as if illuminated by flame. Its beautiful form is enhanced by the tenacity of its summer red. # 2 @ $50.00; 3 gal containers @ $75.00 to 95.00

A. p. d. 'Seiryu'
UPRIGHT  •  12' - 15'  •  ZONE 5 - 8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
A. p. d. 'Seiryu' …Upright growth combined with dissected leaves make 'Seiryu' unique. At maturity it has an airy, graceful appearance in either full sun or an open understory. Leaf color is green in spring and summer then rosey red with splashes of yellow in the fall. 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 - $95.00; 5-10 gal containers available for pick up at the nursery: @ $150.00-$275.00

A. p. d. 'Shu shidare'
MOUNDING  •  3'-4'  •  6-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
This is a rare dissectum that grows slower and stays smaller than most. Spring leaves are tinted red, then turn green with red petioles (leaf stems). Fall brings out the passionate colors of orange and red. 2.5-3gal @$75-$95.00

A. p. d. 'Spring Delight'
MOUNDING  •  5-7'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
'Spring Delight' is a good green dissectum that has a mauve edge on the leaves in the spring. The tree does well in open shade but the tinted edge is more prominent in full sun. Fall color is gold. # gal @ $75.00

A. p. d. 'Tamuke yama'
MOUNDING  •  5' - 7'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Cascading neatly in deep red billows, this selection is an excellent choice for a medium sized dissectum. It is favored in the south for its heat tolerance and in the north for its hardiness. It holds its red well and turns scarlet in autumn. #2 @ 50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00-$95.00

A. p. d. 'Vic Pink'
MOUNDING  •  4-6'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
This maple has a unique texture. The leaves are substantial and the long lobes spread wide open. They are green with a rim of red in spring, dark green in summer and orange-red in fall. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @$75.00

A. p. d. 'Viridis'
MOUNDING  •  5-7'  •  5-8  •  FULL SUN TO PART SHADE
Viridis is a well known green dissectum that grows relatively fast forming a wide rounded dome. Fall color is golden with orange highlights. 2.5-3 gal @ $95.00; 5-10 gal @ $135.00 - $185.00

A. p. d. 'Waterfall'
MOUNDING  •  7' - 10'  •  ZONE 5 – 8  •  SUN – PART SHADE
Cascading green waves flow from partially hidden branches and then, as if reflecting summer's sunset, turn orange and gold for fall. Large, fern like leaves distinguish this versatile cultivar that thrives in the sun, by a pond or in the open shade of an urban garden. #2 @ $45.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00 - $85.00

A. palmatum
UPRIGHT  •  15-20'  •  5-8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
This is the seed grown, species of the Japanese maple. Often this is the form of Japanese maple found in old gardens and arboretums. It is an upright green leafed tree that grows quite large and has variable but great fall color. 1 gal size @ $30.00 ; 2.5-3 gal size @ $45.00 - $75.00

A. palmatum atropurpureum
UPRIGHT  •  18-20'  •  5-8  •  SUN - PART SHADE
This is the red leafed, seed grown selection of japanese maple. The seeds come from trees known for good color retention. Direct sun gives the best color. 1 gal @ $40.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $55.00- $75.00

A. pseudosieboldianum
UPRIGHT  •  15-18'  •  3-7  •  SUN-PT SHADE
This selection has greater cold tolerance than the A palmatums and it has outstanding form. It's fat, round leaves are blue-green in summer and bright yellow mixed with scarlet in fall. It matures into a small shade tree. 2.5-3 gal @ $55.00 & $85.00

A. s. 'Autumn Moon'
UPRIGHT  •  10-12'  •  5-8  •  PART SUN – PART SHADE
Like a harvest moon this special beauty is enriched with amber and a hint of rose, It is quite like 'Auruem' in leaf and growth habit but unlike 'Aureum', it is hardier and with some full exposure to the sun it gets good colors of pink and peach and amber. 1 gal @ $45.00

A. s. 'Green Snow Flake'
MOUNDING  •  1-2'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
Remember cutting out paper snowflakes in elementary school? The leaves of this small green dissectum look like a very fine result of all that cutting. Grows wider than tall. Fall colors are gold and orange. 2.5-3 gal (high graft) @ $75.00

A. shir. 'Johin'
UPRIGHT  •  5-6'  •  6-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
A cross between A. palmatum and A. shirasawanum, this new beauty has dramatic glossy, large, red leaves that are accented by bright green veins. As summer progresses they turn all green and then in fall they are gold and red. #2 @ $55.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $65.00-85.00

A. shir. 'Jordan'
Originating from Acer s. Aureum, Jordan is more sun tolerant and takes heat in general better than its mother plant. Adds a desirable splash of yellow to the landscape and turns orange-red in fall. 2.5-3 gal containers @ $75.00

A. shir. 'Lovett'
UPRIGHT  •  8-10'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
This shirasawanum has also been clasified as an A. japonicum. It has smaller leaves smaller than those of most japonicums; they are rounded, with a soft fuzz early in the year and are soft green till fall when dynamic blends of orange and scarlet dominate. # 2 @ $ 50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $65.00- $85.00.

A. shir. 'Palmatifolium'
UPRIGHT  •  25'-30'  •  ZONE 5-8  •  SUN TO PT SHADE
This is an absolutely spectacular beauty in all seasons. The round green leaves are amazing for their translucent glow and their ability to withstand the burning sun. In fall, streaks and speckles of red, orange and saffron dance across the leaves. No two are alike; each is a unique circus of color. Form is open and sturdy with a rounded top. 2.5-3 gal @ $$65.00-$95.00

A. shir. 'Red Dawn'
UPRIGHT  •  8-10  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
NEW for us is this red shirasawanum. Round leaves emerge red then fade to bronze and finally show off in scarlet. Is a midsized upright with a nice oval form. #2 @ $50.00; 2.5-3 gal @ $75.00

A. shir. 001 PP #16718 'Moonrise'
UPRIGHT  •  7'-10'  •  5-8  •  SUN TO PART SHADE
This beautiful new maple was carefully observed and tested for over 20 years before introduction. Originated as a seedling from A. s.' Aureum' but has many unique characteristics including brilliant red spring leaves veined in light green; later, new growth appears with the same colors. Summer's leaves are gold with a lime wash. Grows in full sun though afternoon shade is recommended, especially in the south. Large specimen trees only

A. siebold. ‘Sode no uchi’
UPRIGHT  •  6' - 8'  •  ZONE 4-8  •  SUN-PT SHADE
Standing out where ever it is planted, this is an attractive and versatile tree. The leaves are rounded with lobes cut half way into the center. Color is a light green, which darkens as the summer progresses, then turns orange and red. 2'5-3 gal. containers available @ $75.00-$125.00; 5-10 gal @ $150.00 - #250.00

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