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Eastwoods Nurseries is proud to introduce our new PLANT MORE TREES program. Our goal is to provide information on how to plant and care for trees and to develop an appreciation for the significance of trees.

Our friends at Joseph's Colours worked with us to create handsome t-shirts and tote bags printed with illustrated instructions on the proper way to plant a tree. A verse on the front of the shirts reads: "For the one, two, three on how to plant a tree, see the back of this tee". On the back is a beautiful illustration by artist Joe McGhee. It depicts proper tree planting using a ginkgo, a most ancient and enduring tree, and describes seven important steps: site, selection, preparation, digging, planting, refilling, watering and mulching.
The wheat colored tees are made of 100% heavy, preshrunk cotton. Sizes: M;L;XL;XXL. Short sleeve shirts are $14.00 each; long sleeves shirts are $18.00 each. Add $1.00 for XXL. Also available wholesale.

Shipping and handling is $5.00 east of the Mississippi; $6.00 west of the Mississippi; add $1.25 for each additional shirt or tote.

For more tee-shirts by Joe McGhee see: www.josephscolours.com