Japanese Maples
Maple Leaf


Variety, versatility and year round beauty secure Japanese Maples a seat of honor in gardens around the world. They take innumerable shapes offering every possibility of form: dwarf, upright, mounding, rounded, weeping, spreading, and vase. At maturity, they reach heights from two to over thirty feet. Most cultivars thrive in full sun, others prefer open shade and some do well in any degree of light in between.

Their colors reflect the rainbow. Spring finds most bedecked in pink, orange and red. During the summer, many turn lime-colored or bronze, while others maintain a true red or green. In fall, the traditional yellows, golds, oranges and scarlets are enhanced by purples and blues. Some selections are variegated year round displaying several seasonsŐ worth of color at once. In winter, when the beauty of the vibrant leaves has fallen, the treesŐ graceful structures of textured and colorful bark become visible and are as exquisite as the lush color of warmer months.

The very few points on which Japanese Maple cultivars agree are an ease of maintenance, a resistance to most diseases and pests, and an aversion to wet soils.

If you are within zones 4 through 8 and have a well-drained location in mind, at least one Japanese Maple will perfectly suit your site.